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The Future is 5G!

The Future is 5G!

This year, 5G will begin to finally make its first debut. If you thought 4G was fast, just wait. What is 5G? To fully understand what 5G is, it is essential to backtrack a bit. 1G first arrived in the...

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2018 Used Device Gift Guide

2018 Used Device Gift Guide

As the holiday season is rounding the corner, the holiday gift guides begin to show up all over the place. And when it comes to the latest and greatest tech gadgets, they can usually break the bank and spending upwards...

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New iPhones: Which is the best fit for you?

New iPhones: Which is the best fit for you?

Now that October finally arrived, the iPhone XR release is almost here. With Apple discontinuing the iPhone X, is the XS(pronounced 10S, not excess) and XS Max worth the price tag, or is the XR the better investment? The XS...

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