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Unrivaled Apple Repair Service and Support


iOutlet specializes in the repair and restoration of your new, used, damaged, worn, or faulty Apple devices. We pride ourselves in our work, and in succeeding at the repair jobs people say couldn’t be done. Our level of service requires years of experience and knowledge using some of the industry’s most high-end equipment.


At iOutlet, we will save your device from the brink of the landfill. We understand how important your devices are to you – that people’s whole lives are on their phones or tablets nowadays. We also appreciate the hassle that comes along with switching devices and transferring numbers, profiles, and accounts. People have come into our offices beside themselves over the fear of losing their information. When you’re in the care of the pros at iOutlet, though, you’re with family. We won’t quit until your device is back in your hand in like-new condition.


Want to Ask a Question?

Because we want to be your most trustworthy Apple repair resource, we offer all of our customers the opportunity to ask us any questions they want about their devices and our services. Just ask us, and we will do our absolute best to fill you in on the details of your repair.


What iOutlet Can Do for You 

Our extensive range of expertise means that just about anyone, with just about any problem, on just about any Apple device, will find a solution at iOutlet. Listed below are just some of the many repairs and services we offer. And remember, we provide all our services at fair and competitive pricing.


–  Repair Services
–  Bulk Repair Services
–  Upgrade Services
–  Computer Virus Removal Services
–  Data Recovery Services
–  BuyBack Service
–  IT Consulting Services


iPhone / Samsung / iPad Repair 

–  Cracked Screen Repair: For one of the most common electronic device repairs, fixing or replacing a cracked screen can be kind of tricky. Don’t let an amateur ruin your device with an improper seal or reattachment.

–  LCD / Touch Screen Repair: Touch screens can be even more difficult to fix, due to the small capacitive sensors involved. iOutlet can repair your touch screen – no problem.

–  Backlight Repair: Burnt bulbs or shorted fuses are right up our alley.

–  Battery / Charging issues: Another one of the most commonly required repairs, we can diagnose the situation and perform a comprehensive fix. Other repair shops may only address the symptom.

–  Power / Home Button Repair: How annoying is it when your phone is stuck in a reboot loop? Or when you can’t access any apps due to a finicky home button? We’ve got you covered.

–  Speaker Repair: The tinny sound of a blown speaker can be annoying and embarrassing. Let us help with you with that.

– Wi-Fi Repair: Data, data, data – stop chewing up your data or going over just because your phone is having uses with Wi-Fi connectivity. We’ve got a solution for that.

–  Camera Repair: Don’t miss a moment due to a faulty cellphone camera. We can replace and repair lenses, flashes, and more.

–  Headphone Jack Repair: To keep the beats bumping and the music flowing, or to hear your hands-free calls with clarity, you need a functioning headphone jack. We can do that.

–  Device Frame Customization: Your phone says a lot about you. We’ll help you say exactly what you want, by providing you with a wide-range of personal customization options.
MacBook / Laptop Repair

–  Hard Drive Repair: Don’t lose your hard work and personal files! Let us help you recover what you need.

–  Optical Disk Repair: Can’t watch movies or install new programs because of a skipping, scratched, or dirty optical drive? Leave it to us.

–  Top Panel / LCD Repair: Moisture, dead pixels, or accidental crushing can do major damage to your monitor. At iOutlet, we can mend the damage done.

–  Battery / Charging Issues: Being tethered to an outlet basically defeats the purpose of having a mobile workstation. We can diagnose and fix the root of any battery or charging issue, not just address the symptoms.

–  Keyboard Repair: If your keyboard is unresponsive or too responsive, if its backlight won’t work, or even if you’re just missing keys, bring it to us. We’ll fix it.

–  Wi-Fi Card Repair: If you’re not connected, you can’t work. Let us work on your device, so you can get back to it.

–  RAM Replacement: Need a boost in speed? Trying to run demanding software on an older device? We can get you the fastest RAM you need, and make sure it’s installed and compatible.

–  Motherboard & Component Repairs: If BIOS and CPU are acronyms you’re unfamiliar with, chances are you won’t be able to recognize issues with your motherboard. Don’t worry, we know them like the back of our hand.
Component Level Motherboard Repair
These high-level repairs can be just plain tough. When working on these kinds of computer issues, it is vital to find someone with the knowledge and skill to work on small and fragile hardware, firmware, and software. At iOutlet, we have specially-developed workspaces with cutting-edge equipment for advanced-level board repairs. We analyze your board with the best resources and utmost detail as quick as we can.


Example component-level motherboard repair services include:

–  CPU repair

–  Replace bad integrated circuit chips

–  Replace bad resistors

–  Re-solder motherboard connections

iMac / PC Desktop Repair (please refer to MacBook/Laptop Repair for details)

–  Hard Drive Repair

–  Optical Disk Repair

–  RAM Replacement

–  LCD / Screen Repair

–  Power Supply Replacement
iPod Repair 

Currently, iOutlet only offers iPod Screen Repair, and only on iPod 5th Gen – as these are the only cost-effective device services for both customers and our business.
Gaming System Repair/Construction 

We’ll get you back in the game with the following repairs:

–  PS3/PS4/Xbox One/360: Disc tray problems, dirty lasers, broken fans – iOutlet can fix it.

–  Gaming PC builds: Want a dual-SLI, water-cooled rig able to overclock and devour any current AAA title on the all the highest setting? iOutlet has the parts and know-how.

–  Consulting: Want to build the ultimate gaming machine yourself? We’ll show you what you need to know to get the most bang for your buck.
Other Electronics 

Just because it doesn’t have an Apple logo on it, doesn’t mean we can’t fix it. Our growing staff has decades of background in computer-based and electronic maintenance. We consider ourselves subject matter experts when it comes to consumer electronics, and are more than comfortable with electronics we do not advertise for repair services. If you have something that needs fixed, come give us a try.


Bulk Repair
For more information on our Bulk Repair services, please visit Bulk Apple Repair page here.
Upgrade Services (for laptops, All-in-Ones, towers, or Mac Minis)

Don’t get left behind in the breakneck pace of technology innovation. The cost of entirely new system can clean you out. Let us bring you up to speed for much less.

–  RAM upgrade
–  Hard drive upgrade
–  Solid State hard drive upgrade
–  PC builds/upgrades


Computer Virus Removal Services

A modern computer virus can invade your life, your privacy, and your finances. It can contaminate files, overheat your CPU, or even remotely access your webcam. Do not be caught unaware. iOutlet can remove the filthiest, most stubborn viruses and malware. 

–  Full system clean service
–  Virus Scan & removal service
–  Hard drive disk integrity checks


Data Recovery Services

Is there anything worse than a frozen screen or system crash in the middle of a 20-page document or work presentation? We’ll help you restore important files, account, and profiles on your devices.

–  Secure device analysis
–  Secure drive isolation from other damage inside device
–  Secure high performance workstation


BuyBack Service
Want an efficient and trustworthy way to get cash back for your aging devices? Click here to access our Trade-In program and get a free quote today.

IT Consulting Services
iOutlet began small, but with rave reviews, repeat business, and return customers, we have grown exponentially. As we’ve grown, we have had to install, update, and maintain a vast network of corporate software, servers, and business applications.

We’ve since offered our well-versed technicians to configure and install software/hardware packages at other small businesses. Now, iOutlet houses a staff of well-trained professionals that can analyze your business needs and provide a productivity and efficiency consulting plan that will help you and your employees leap over electronic roadblocks – allowing you to invest your valuable time and assets in the business at hand.