17 Unique Phone Cases That Do More Than Just Protect

17 Unique Phone Cases That Do More Than Just Protect

Looking for a case that can do more than just protect? Check out our list of different cases that do more than you ever thought a phone case could do!


1) A phone case that charges your phone:

This sleek case looks great and charges your battery at the same time! You can find it here.


2) A phone case that provides amazing lighting:

This amazing case is both beautiful and practical! These panels of bright light are on the front and back, meaning you can take stellar selfies in any kind of lighting. You can get it here


3) A case with a full set of tools:

This sleek case holds a tool that boasts it is 26 tools in one. Who wouldn't want that kind of handiness all in one? Find it here.


4) A case that makes your phone look like a Nokia:

Feeling a little nostalgic for our old brick friend? You can relive those Nokia days with this phone case.


5) Fully waterproof phone case:

If you're looking to get some underwater footage, this is the case to buy. With over 6,000 amazing reviews, this case is the real deal. Find it here.


6) These sweet wallet phone cases (stylish AND practical!):

This super stylish case can also store your most used cards. How handy! With tons of patterns, this case is a win. Explore their collection!


7) This anti-gravity phone case:

This phone case says it can stick to almost any flat, dry surface! That's pretty handy for photos and watching videos! Check it out here.


8) Magnetic phone case:

These industrial-looking phone cases claim to be super magnetic and non-damaging to your phone! You can find them here, but we have not tested this one to see if it lives up to its claims, so buy at your own risk!


9) Camera kit case with different lenses:

 If you're looking to have professional level camera equipment always at your fingertips, then look no further. This handy case offers three different lenses to satisfy all your photography needs on the go. You can purchase it on amazon here.


10) This case that's better than a pop socket:

Tired of pop sockets? This case works basically the same way but provides a more stable, flat backing when you're not using it. Check it out here.


11) A cross body purse/phone case:

 This phone case is perfect for anyone who values fashion in combination with easy access. Plus, wearing your phone case means you'll never lose it! Shop this item here.


12) This sliding wallet phone case:

For those who were unimpressed with the first wallet case, we offer this completely different one - a clean design that really protects your cards from falling or being stolen. Shop for it here


13) A case you can cuddle:

This case is perfect for people who also enjoy fluffy pens and keychains. This case is cuddly yet still fairly slim, making it solid choice. Click here to see the details.


14) This case that looks like an old rotary phone:

Once again, this case is one that will slap you with some nostalgia. To purchase this unique case, you can find it here.


15) These LED phone cases that will light up any room:

These eye-catching cases amplify the light of your phone when it goes off to light up the whole case! They come in many different colors, including blue, green, orange, yellow, and more. Buy it here.


16) This case that you can literally play Tetris on:

Why play Tetris on your phone when you can play it on your phone case? This case guarantees you'll never be bored-or in some cases, might help distract you. You can buy it here!


17) Our very own COVRD high end brand cases:

 Our very own COVRD brand cases are durable and stylish, all at a great price, especially when bundled! You can purchase these cases in any of our stores! Online purchases are soon to come, keep your eye out!

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