8 Reasons an Apple Credit Card May Be Right For You

8 Reasons an Apple Credit Card May Be Right For You

Thinking of getting an Apple Card? Find out if it's right for you:

1. Daily Cash

One of the most exciting reasons to get an Apple Card is the Daily Cash feature. This is cash that you get back whenever you make any purchase. The cool part-you get that cash instantly. Apple offers 3% back on any Apple purchases, as well as Uber, Uber Eats, Walgreens, and Duane Reade. Get 2% back on literally everything else, as long as you’re paying with Apple Pay. Apple even offers 1% back on apps and websites that don’t yet offer Apple Pay. That makes racking up cash pretty easy!


2. Weekly & Monthly Summaries

Apple helps you to see exactly how much you’re spending and where, all from your phone. All your purchases get organized into different categories such as Shopping, Entertainment, and Food & Drinks and are then displayed in an easy to read color coded bar chart for you to determine exactly where all your spending is coming from day to day and week to week.


3. Interest and Balances Made Simple

Apple Wallet displays your balance in a simple to read format. They even provide balance reminders when the due date is coming up. The due date, by the way, is always set to the end of the month, so it’s easy to keep track of! Additionally, if you don’t want to pay your whole balance that month, Apple will help you calculate in real time exactly how much interest it will cost you over time if you don’t. This way you can make an informed decision. 


4. No fees

It’s true! Apple Card has no fees. No late fees, no foreign-transaction fees, no annual fees, etc. None! If you miss a payment, you just continue to accrue regular interest. 


5. Immediate Fraud Protection

Apple makes Fraud detection easy by sending you a notification on your phone every time a purchase is made. If it’s a purchase you didn’t make, all you have to do is click a button to let Apple know and they take care of the rest. The problem and liability is off your hands! Apple’s customer support is 24/7 and available through texting, so you know your questions can be answered quickly.


6. Security

One of the most interesting features of the Apple Card is that the actual card they send you is a white titanium card with absolutely no information on it except your name. No credit card number, no expiration date, and no CVV. This makes it harder for people to steal your information. All this information can be found in your Apple Wallet instead. Every purchase also requires the authentication of either Face ID or Touch ID, making it so only you or approved users can make purchases.
Additionally, you can freeze your card right in Apple Wallet if it does get stolen, and even order a new card right in the app. Apple also ensures your total privacy by promising they have no access to any information about your purchases, your balance, where you made the purchase, or anything else.


7. Apple Pay Integration


We’ve already touched on this somewhat in other parts of this post, but Apple Card is incredibly convenient for iPhone users because it’s all right in the Apple Wallet app. No confusion. Everything can be done from the app, from applying for the card to paying your balance. 


8. Fast application

You can apply for the Apple Card today online or in the Apple Wallet app and can get approved in just minutes, it’s that easy! Apple has also made it a point to make sure that even people with lower credit scores are getting accepted. Basically, anyone at or around 670 or higher will likely be approved.

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