Apple's WWDC19 Announcements- What You Need To Know

Apple's WWDC19 Announcements- What You Need To Know

As with every summer, Apple held its annual WWDC Keynote, where Apple announces their newest operating system (OS), new features for both users and app developers, and sometimes new products. This year we saw announcements for tvOS, WatchOS (for Apple Watch), iOS 13, and MacOS. Additionally, we got an announcement for a new product coming this Fall. In this article we’ve broken down all the main points you as a consumer might want to know.

The Overview:

  • Multi user support for AppleTV

  • New apps and integrations for Apple Watch including Cycle Track, Noise tracking, and Shazam

  • Dark Mode for iOS 13

  • New OS for iPad- “iPadOS”

  • New OS for Mac - “Catalina”

  • Voice Control

  • New Mac Pro


iOS 13

With iOS 13 comes many of the procedural updates we’re always happy to see. This year we’ll see the annual speed and performance updates for all devices. Face ID will now unlock 30% faster, apps downloaded from the App Store will be 50% smaller size, and app updates will be 60% smaller. App launch speed will also be increased to twice as fast as before.

The biggest and most anticipated feature of iOS 13 this year is its release of Dark Mode. Released on Macs last year with Mojave, this will be the first time we can choose to go dark on iPhones and iPads. Apps from Messages, Notes, Email, News, and many, many more will all have the ability to go dark when you enable it. This is exciting for many users who suffer from high amounts of eye strain or have sensitive eyes.

We are also going to see a huge revamp of Apple Maps. The entire interface as we know it will become much more detailed, defined, and accurate. Buildings, beaches, parks, roads, and more will all be very distinguishable in this new layout. This new interface will be available to the whole US by the end of 2019 and the rest of the world by sometime next year. In addition to a new interface, you will also be able to save favorite locations, sort them into collections, and even share these collections with friends. Finally, street view is also revamped (now called Look Around) to give you high definition 3D view of any area with the ability to move down the street smoothly (something never done before).

Other features of iOS 13 that we can expect to see this fall are location sharing with apps “just once” like on Macs to limit apps who track you to better protect you, a smarter Reminders app with tons of new and smarter features, new Messenger features that include sharing your contact name and photo and a sea of new Memoji features. There will also be a big new feature: “Sign In with Apple”. When you create a new account, you can now choose to sign in with Apple just like you can with Facebook or Google. The amazing thing about this, however, is that signing in with Apple limits the personal data that apps and sites get from you when you choose Facebook or Google. Additionally, you can also choose to hide your email from the app. If you do this, Apple will generate a random email for that account that forwards to your actual email. This is fantastic because it limits companies from having access to your actual email, giving you more control on the emails you do or do not want to receive. This is just one of many new implementations Apple is doing to try and give their users more privacy in a world where personal information is becoming so commonly public.

Some updates to our photos and camera apps will be seen as well. Portrait Lighting will get a new feature called High Key Mono (a white out of the background instead of black), with controls on the distance of the light to the subject. Other editing improvements and additions will bring new features to both photos and videos, including FINALLY being able to rotate videos! The photos app will have a new section that automatically reorganizes your photos and displays the best ones while hiding many duplicates for a cleaner, more engaging look. Time lapse and Live Photos will also automatically play in this section. Finally, you can organize your photos by days, months, and years, with years displaying images related to the current day of the year (for example, on your dad’s birthday, the Years section will display photos you took on your dad’s birthday from past years).

Other various features that will come to iOS 13 will be spam call blocking, low data mode, ability to have separate iCloud accounts, CarPlay features, Shortcuts app being built in, AirPods auto-sharing music, HomePod recognizing different voices, Safari font controls, and much, much more!



Finally iPads get their own operating system! All this time they have been running on the same system as iPhones, but Apple has finally created a personalized operating system that has the ability to fully utilize the iPad’s unique features. You will be able to put widgets on the home screen, use slide-over for a myriad of different apps, split view (multi-window capabilities), column view for the Files app, and thumb drive/SD card capabilities. Safari will also show a view perfectly sized for iPads, unlock the wonky view it gives with iOS. They will also be adding a download manager to iPadOS Safari and custom fonts. Finally, they resigned Apple Pencil integrations and added a bunch more tools to help mark up your iPad. The Apple Pencil was also improved from a 20 millisecond latency to a mere 9 millisecond latency.



As with every Mac operating system, this year’s comes with a new name. Last year was Mojave, and this year they announced the newest one will be Catalina. With this new system will be new apps such as Podcasts, TV, and Music. Additionally, iTunes will no longer annoyingly pop up every time you plug a device in. Instead, you can find the syncing settings elsewhere. Catalina will support 4K HDR playback and will have Screen Time that tracks how you spend your time on your computer, just like on iPhones. Finally, Apple announced a new and improved “Find My” for all devices. This device tracker is able to locate offline devices by using other nearby devices’ bluetooth signals to create a signal you can track. All of the information is encrypted and anonymous, so it doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy. Plus, they added an “activation lock” feature, enabling users to lock their device remotely, making it unbreachable unless a code set by the user is entered. These new additions are huge steps for anti-theft and will hopefully save a lot of people time, money, and stress.

In their updates about MacOS, Apple also announced a new computer- a new Mac Pro. With a newly developed high powered graphics card they boasted as “the world’s most powerful graphics card”, this Mac Pro has the capacity to have up to two of these cards. It can run up to 3 8K tracks at a time or 12 4K tracks. They also developed a new display called the Pro Display XDR that utilizes Extreme Dynamic Range and a monitor that can physically rotate. This system will set you back a pretty penny, however. Just to get everything up and running at the bare minimum will set you back tens of thousands of dollars.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch also had a few new rollouts for this fall, including a new App Store where you can download apps directly from your watch. Apple also introduced a Noise app, an app that tracks noise levels to track whether or not you’re damaging your ears. All the data collected is not available to Apple, so you don’t have to worry about Apple listening in. Other new things include a new and improved way to listen to podcasts, a way to listen to sports games live, built in Shazam to look up any song that’s playing, and even a new Apple called Cycle Tracker for women that is also available in the Health app on iPhones.


Apple TV

Apple TV came out with a few small new features including a new, redesigned home screen and the ability to have multiple users with their own account. They also plan on implementing Apple Arcade onto Apple TV once Apple Arcade is fully released.


Apple announced a new implementation for iOS and MacOS called Voice Control. This allows users the ability to completely control their phone or computer through just voice commands. None of the recordings go to Apple either, as they were quick to point out. This is a huge development that will be very beneficial for a lot of people, especially ones with disabilities who have trouble with or cannot operate their devices on their own.

Other random additions will be finally adding swiping to text capabilities, advancements with AirPods and Siri, Homekit security videos and firewalls, and even Neural TTS (text to speech). What Neural TTS means is that Apple has redesigned the way Siri speaks by utilizing a voice generator instead of piecing together different recordings of different sounds. This will make Siri sound MUCH smoother and lifelike.

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