iOS 13 Rumors and Predictions

iOS 13 Rumors and Predictions

Rumors have been circling around about the newest operating system set to release later this year during summer-iOS 13. Apple pushed back some features originally designed for iOS 12 in order to give those features a little more time to be worked on, so we expect to see a lot of big changes, especially for iPads. We’re here to inform you of everything we know so far.

Features we can most likely expect to see:

Redesigned home screen interface

Lucky number 12 brings something that is long overdue- updates to the iPad, including the biggest one everyone keeps talking about: a redesigned home screen interface. Now there is talk that this will apply to both iPhones and iPads, but the latter seems to be extremely plausible. Additionally, we are expected to see updated file management and other improvements that are aimed to make the iPad run a little more like a laptop, something many users have been vying for for a while now.

Multiple users on iPads

Another feature many people are expecting to see released is the capability to have multiple users on iPads. Unlike phones, iPads are often shared among families or siblings, especially with young children. The ability to have different accounts on an iPad could greatly aid the separation of apps, files, and more.

Dark Mode

The long awaited dark mode! First implemented on the newest MacOS, Mojave, it only makes sense that the following iPhone and iPad OS will also implement dark mode. Not only is dark mode just easier on the eyes (especially at nighttime), dark mode can actually improve battery life of newer model phones. Phones with OLED and AMOLED screens (iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max) will benefit from this due to their pixels. With OLED and AMOLED screens, each individual can turn on and off on command. Dark mode is handy because the majority of the screen will be dark, meaning more of the individual pixels can be turned off more often, saving battery on your phone. LCD screens (iPhone 8 and older, and iPhone XR), however, will not really see any battery changes because the screen is built with all pixels either on or off all together, meaning dark mode won’t have an effect on pixels being off.


Rumors we’d like to see:

Camera app tuned up

All the newest iPhones can shoot in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (FPS). You can also shoot at the standard 1080p at either 30 or 60 FPS. It’s handy that we have the option to change between these options, but the issue with the system currently is that you have to leave the camera app and go to settings to change it. What everyone is hoping is that Apple streamlines this process by making it accessible to change within the camera app. Other small additions to the camera app that other phone competitors have added are zooming at any part of the screen, shooting in .RAW format, gestures that tell the camera to take the photo, better night photo quality, and more.

Clipboard manager

Have you ever copied something to your clipboard on your phone, but then accidentally copy something over it before you meant to? We’ve been there. An interesting feature that Apple could add would be to expand the clipboard manager so that multiple things can be copy and pasted at once. This simple yet beneficial feature could really make our lives easier!

Live Photos to 6 seconds long

Many sources have reported Apple plans to lengthen Live Photos from 3 seconds to 6 seconds. If you aren’t sure what Live Photos are, when you take a photo with your iPhone, your phone will record 1.5 seconds before and after the photo was taken. When you press and hold on a live photo, you can view the 3 second clip as well as adjust when in those 3 seconds you’d like to make your main image. This is beneficial for people capturing a specific one time only moment, but maybe somewhere in those 3 seconds is a better shot than what you originally photographed. The change from 3 to 6 seconds could essentially turn almost all of our photos into mini videos!

Spam Call blocking

While many other companies have made advances in blocking persistent telemarketers and scam calls, Apple is still relatively behind on this. What we’d love to see this year with iOS 13 is smarter, more advanced spam call blocking. This could be a big game changer!

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