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iPhone Rumors for 2018 Thus Far

Although the announcement will likely come later this fall in September or October, it’s time to start discussing the new iPhone rumors. Thus far in 2018, the iPhone X has been named the top-selling smartphone of the year which shows Apple is moving in the right direction while competing Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are not far behind.  

While the names haven’t been released yet, these rumors include a line of 3 new iPhones including: iPhone X (based on the previous model), iPhone X Plus (a larger size of the iPhone X), and the iPhone 9 (a more affordable option that will likely be based on the iPhone 8). According to MacWorld, these three new iPhones will all have an edge-to-edge screen - similar to the iPhone X. The full screen phone will mark the end of the home button and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor while continuing the tradition of the TrueDepth camera system that supports Face ID. Despite these new components, the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus will feature the same OLED screen that is housed on the current iPhone X while the “iPhone 9” will have an LCD, making it the largest price cut of cost. The cost of the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus is being speculated at being between $900 and $1000 which is understandable compared to last year's model iPhone X debuted price.


iPhone X Schematic

The image above is a schematic of what is rumored to be the new iPhone X.
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Although these are going to be new iPhone introductions, in order to make it more affordable, the “iPhone 9” will more than likely not have the bells and whistles of the new iPhone X and X Plus and will include components like an aluminum frame, LCD screen, no wireless charging capabilities, single lens rear cam, and will likely not support 3D touch. Because of the lack of bells and whistles, the price tag of the “iPhone 9” is going to be set around $600 which isn’t a bad deal compared to other newly released iPhone’s prices according to KnowYourMobile.com.

The video above is a first look at what is speculated to be the "iPhone 9". 

There have also been rumors of renewing the smallest and most affordable iPhone, the iPhone SE. However, it looks as if this is just hearsay and if they will be releasing this model, it will be in later in 2019. When and if it does debut, the new iPhone SE will apparently be based on the iPhone 7 specifications with a 32GB and 128GB storage options and will show little to no changes on the phone according to KnowYourMobile.com.

Even though these rumors have credible sources backing them, there’s nothing definitive about these rumors especially when it comes to Apple. So of course you have the right to get excited about new iPhones this year, just take every detail with a grain of salt.




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