The Future is 5G!

The Future is 5G!

This year, 5G will begin to finally make its first debut. If you thought 4G was fast, just wait.

What is 5G?

To fully understand what 5G is, it is essential to backtrack a bit. 1G first arrived in the 1970s-the was the cornerstone of voice and calling. Next was 2G, which allowed basic forms of text messaging. 3G enabled true mobile web browsing, GPS location, and much more. This paved the way for smartphones. 4G allows “deep web functionality” more than ever before, and it is what we use today. 4G has created an outstanding network that has allowed so much to be created and used through it. 5G (or fifth generation technology) will mean quicker downloads, faster information sharing, high interconnectivity, and much, much more.

How fast will it be?

5G will be faster than anything we’ve seen before. Qualcomm states that once 5G is fully up and implemented, downloading a movie will take only 17 seconds versus six minutes with 4G. Peak download speeds are expected to be around 4.5 GB per second, but initial speeds will likely be around 1.5 GB per second. Data transfers will happen in the blink of an eye and browser searches will be nearly instantaneous.

When will we see the results of 5G?

While some test cities are already using preliminary 5G and Verizon has released a network of 5G that can be purchased, we won’t be seeing much until later this year. Some carriers will begin sales of smartphones with 5G some time this year, while Apple is expected to wait until next year. 5G rollouts for every aspect of networks will be throughout all of this year and into the next.

What does this mean for you?

5G will pave the way for dramatic changes in the future. Not only does this affect smartphones, but VR and AR technology will dramatically improve, driverless cars will be even more possible, and anything else that relies on instantaneous responses will have a step up. 5G phones will start going on sale later this year, but with limited capabilities. By 2020 5G will be almost in full swing so this is when cellular carriers will really begin pushing 5G sales.

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