Why You Shouldn't Use Rice for Water Damaged Phones

Why You Shouldn't Use Rice for Water Damaged Phones

If you’ve dropped your phone in water before, you’ve probably heard the age old advice: put it in a bag of rice. The theory is, rice naturally absorbs moisture in the air, so by putting your phone in rice, the rice will absorb the water from your phone. While rice may absorb some of the water leaking from your device, this is NOT the best way to save your device! Rice can actually do a lot of damage. It can clog areas with rice and even get rice into places you can’t get back out. We have many water damaged devices come into our store that end up having rice in places it shouldn’t, causing harm to devices and ultimately causing even more issues. There are some steps you CAN take, however, that could actually save your phone.

What NOT to do when your device gets water damaged:

-DO NOT TURN IT ON! And if it’s still on, turn it off immediately. You do not want the water mixing with the live electrical components.

-Do not plug it in, for the same reason.

-Don’t shake the device around, press any keys, or blow into the device. All these actions can push water further into the device and damage it further.

-Keep your phone away from heat! This could also worsen the damage.

-Do not disassemble your phone unless you’re certain you know what you’re doing. This could cause more harm than good.

Steps to take to save your phone:

-Make sure the phone is off

-Remove your SIM and SD cards, if you’re able to.

-Lay your device on paper towels. The device will slowly leak some of the water, so this will help absorb some of that.

-Take paper towels and gently dab the phone, absorbing as much water as you can. Be careful not to push water around-dabbing is key.

-You can also try carefully vacuuming water out of your device. The goal here is to get as much water out of the device as you can and pray the water did not corrode something that is vital to the device.

-If you have silicon pouches (the little pouches you find in boxes of new shoes), put your device in a small box with as many of these as you have. Do not open the pouches! Silicon pouches are designed to absorb moisture like rice (without the negative side effects), which is why you’ll find them in boxes of new shoes, packages of beef jerky, and even new electronics packaging. Let your device sit in this box for a minimum of 24 hours.

-Take your device into a local repair shop such as us to take a look at it. Some tablets and computers are salvageable. In the end, if water corroded important areas of the device, there may be nothing that can be done. We offer in store credit for water damaged devices that can’t be saved that can be used towards one of our newly refurbished devices. If you’re ever unsure if there’s damage, bring it to us and have it looked at for FREE!

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