You Don't Need Adobe Flash Player Anymore

You Don't Need Adobe Flash Player Anymore

As many people will remember, Adobe Flash Player used to be a necessary plugin that you had to install to be able to use the internet and all its features back in the earlier days of the web. Browser games, websites, and even Youtube at one point all required the Adobe Flash Player plugin. As time went on, however, it became more and more known that Flash was easily susceptible to security breaches, making it easy for malware, unwanted ads, and more to reach your computer. 

Eventually most web developers moved away from using Flash as new things like HTML 5 were released. This means that less and less functions on the web require the use of Flash. In 2019, Adobe Flash Player is barely used. In fact, Adobe is set to stop offering support for Flash in 2020. Flash Player additionally struggles with display on mobile devices, which also contributes to its decrease in popularity. 

Do I Even Need Adobe Flash Player Anymore?

There is almost nothing a modern day internet user would use that requires Adobe Flash Player, unless perhaps you still like to play ancient browser games. We recommend completely uninstalling it to save yourself the hassle of worrying you may get a virus. 

If you do find yourself still needing or wanting Flash Player installed, here are some tips we recommend.

  1. Make sure you have Flash disabled in your browser. You can set it to ask you whenever you want to enable it. This way you’re only letting it run on trusted sites, reducing your risk of catching a virus.
  2. DO NOT, under any circumstances, click on a link asking you to update your Adobe Flash Installer. This is the most common mistake among internet users. Almost every time, this pop up is not an actual Adobe notification but instead some sort of malware. By clicking on these, you are installing viruses to your computer. 
  3. Make sure to keep Flash Player up to date, as out of date versions are more susceptible to security breaches. Instead of clicking on random popups, however, you can visit Adobe’s site to see if you’re up to date: Most browsers will keep your plugin up to date on their own. If you’re still using Internet Explorer (You should probably switch if you are), then you will have to do it manually.

If you do find yourself with some viruses from Flash Player or anything else, we offer virus removal at our stores for $99.99. We can clean your computer up and make sure all of those nasty malware installers are completely wiped.

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